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A Mindset is a Terrible thing to Waste...

How many of you feel stuck? Could it be because of where your thoughts are? A particular mindset can be a terrible thing to waste. How one looks at a problem, in all likelihood, will determine if one keeps it as a problem. The decisions we make, the paths we take are distilled through our perceptions – our mindset. In all actuality, you can’t do better than your current thinking. If you’re feeling stuck, somehow trapped or confined, perhaps the place to examine is your thoughts. A tiny adjustment many times will lead to profound enlightenment and a true improvement in results. Albert Einstein said it best, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Just thinking out loud...

That Weight

I came across this poem by Greta Vosper and wanted to share. We all have weights - different weights - but we all carry them, and yes, we could all do a better job of showing understanding and respect for others. Sure, we can hide things away. But we can't forget. Just thinking out loud...


That Weight

For those who really remember ...

He was an old man by then.
The kind that always wore a jacket and tie to church,
fancied the ladies,
and believed men were supposed to keep them safe.
In fact, he believed ladies were meant to be cuddled,
not running around in service uniforms,
flying planes,
dropping bombs,
mouthing orders to scared recruits.
No, he had a different view of what the world should look like
and it didn’t include women – they were all ladies to him.

But inside his eyes,
behind his old-fashioned ideas
and the attitudes women of my generation call sexist,
back in behind the everyday stuff that crossed his mind,
was a world I’d never know.
Shared only by those who, for decades,
still woke in the middle of the night, screaming.
Shared only by those who had dropped the bombs,
fired the bullets, blown up the boats and the submarines,
blanketing the world with blood and puke
and the detritus of broken bodies and severed limbs.
Shared only by those who’ve killed on our behalf
and who carry that weight forever.

He carried it there.
Right there.
Inside his eyes.
And those who still do it, still do.

Greta Vosper